The Library Liaison

Popularly known as the “Hub” of any university, the library is the center that keeps the academic life of the university together. In that matrix, the librarian liaisons are the people who make that “Hub” operational. They function in two places, the library and the specialized department.

Liaison Librarians are subject-area specialists who provide instruction and develop collections that serve the educational and research needs of the University’s academic departments. They offer individual and group instruction in the use of the online catalog and research databases, orientation to information resources, and guidance for research projects within the discipline.

These special people function as conduits through which academic resources and services flow between the library and the departments.

Another title for the librarian liaison is the Embedded librarian, usually an information expert who infiltrates a department, armed with research assistance on a continuous basis, usually for the duration of a semester, to make certain that all library departmental needs are met. The library liaison/ Embedded librarian becomes the first point of contact and stays until the job is done.

Accounting Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
African Studies Celia Daniel 202-806-7446
Afro-American Studies Celia Daniel 202-806-7446
Architecture Alliah Humber 202-806-7502
ARMY ROTC Natisha Harper 202-806-7301
Art Alisha Strother 202-806-4301
Atmospheric Sciences Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
Biology Kimberly Prosper 202-806-1561
Chemical Engineering Kimberly Prosper 202-806-1561
Chemistry Kimberly Prosper 202-806-1561
Civil & Environmental Engineering Kimberly Prosper 202-806-1561
Classics Amy Phillips _ _
Communication Sciences & Disorders Adia Coleman 202-806-7443
Communication, Culture & Media Studies Adia Coleman 202-806-7443
Community Administration & Policy; Human Behavior & the Social Environment Angelique Carson 202-806-7213
Comprehensive Sciences Celia Daniel 202-806-7446
Curriculum & Instruction Natisha Harper 202-806-7301
Direct Practice Sequence & Human Behavior Angelique Carson 202-806-7213
Divinity Carrie Hackney 202-806-7235
Economics Celia Daniel 202-806-7446
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Natisha Harper 202-806-7301
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Kimberly Prosper 202-806-7252
English Celia Daniel 202-806-7446
Finance & International Business Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
Fine Arts Rhea Ballard-Thrower 202-806-7236
Graduate School Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
Health Human Performance and Leisure Studies Natisha Harper 202-806-7301
History Lopez Matthews 202-806-4324
Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies Natisha Harper 202-806-7301
Information Systems and Supply Chain Management Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
Interdisciplinary Studies Natisha Harper 202-806-7301
Management Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
Marketing Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
Mathematics Kimberly Prosper 202-806-7252
Mechanical Engineering Kimberly Prosper 202-806-7252
Media, Journalism and Film Adia Coleman 202-806-7443
Music Carrie Hackney 202-806-7235
Office of Assessment Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
Office of Research & Graduate Studies Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
Philosophy Amy Phillips _ _
Physics & Astronomy Kimberly Prosper 202-806-7252
Political Science Rhea Ballard-Thrower 202-806-7236
Psychology Celia Daniel 202-806-7446
Public Health Tommy Waters 202-806-1561
Social Work Angelique Carson 202-806-7213
Sociology & Anthropology Natisha Harper 202-806-7301
Strategic, Legal & Management of Communications Rhea Ballard-Thrower 202-806-7236
Theatre Arts Celia Daniel 202-806-7446
USAF ROTC Celia Daniel 202-806-7446
World Languages and Cultures Celia Daniel 202-806-7446