Digital Service Center

What is the Digital Service Center?

Our Digital Services Center (DSC) offers a wide range of digital support services to serve our campus community. DSC maintains Digital Howard, a website providing access to digital collections from various university departments.

DSC also specializes in digitizing documents and materials for preservation, provides Audio-Visual support and IT assistance for library events, and manages the publication of digital journals.

Our services enable easy access to valuable resources, enhance event experiences, and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge to a global audience.

These services are slated to launch within the HU community in soon

To learn more about Digital Services and what we can do for you, please contact us at 

Nicholas Oakley

Digital Services Librarian 

Adedoyin Folarin

Library Technician 


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How much do your services cost?

Digital Services charges different rates depending on the nature of the project. The pricing will be rolled out soon when the service launches. Please reach out to for pricing details. 

What kind of AV support do you provide for Library Events?

In addition to digitization, Digital Services plays an integral role in supporting events held within the Libraries. They provide comprehensive Audio-Visual support, including recording and live streaming services. The department also handles sound setup and resolves minor IT-related issues that may hinder the smooth implementation of technology during events.

DSC will launch AV support for events in Founders and UGL in Fall 2023.  

What is Digital Howard?

Digital Howard serves as a prominent platform managed by DSC, offering access to the digital collections of different departments across Howard University. This platform acts as a gateway, providing an international audience with the opportunity to explore and engage with a diverse range of digital resources from various academic disciplines.

Do you digitize journals?

DSC extends its support to the creation and publication of digital journals. By leveraging their expertise, Digital Services assists in the development and distribution of digital journals that can be uploaded to Digital Howard. This enables these publications to reach a global audience, contributing to the dissemination of scholarly knowledge and research conducted within Howard University.